PET & AQUATICS             

Our Pet & Aquatic department has been expanded for 2018.We have a fabulous range of treats and toys for                                                                            Dogs,Cats,Small Birds and Small animals.                                                                Our PICK & MIX dog treat bar is a great way to get great value and choice for your dog



We carry a wide variety off cold water fish such as Goldfish,Sarasa’s ,Blue and orange Orfe,Koi and Orandas.We can also source your specific  fish requirements.To complement the fish we carry a wide range of accessories,pumps filters and foods. Our expert staff are always on hand to offer help and advise.



We source Budgies and Canaries from local breeders(please call for availability) We also stock a wide range of Vision birdcages and all the accessories and food to keep your bird happy and healthy.